PetroM Renewable

Nuclear Energy Technology Congress

PetroM Renewable’s President, Mr. Alejandro De la Parra Solomon, has been invited as an Organizing Committee Member for the upcoming Nuclear Energy Technology Congress in Mexico City, Mexico. Read below for more information regarding this wonderful event.

“Nuclear Energy Technology Congress”
April 29-30, 2020
Mexico City, Mexico

Scopes: Nuclear Energy is a field of practice based on the knowledge and skills to understand and design infrastructure to harvest and process energy from nuclear fission. In most of the trendy Nuclear Energy departments, a large number of professionals are focused on the Pressurized Water Reactor model but there are more options to keep an eye on. This encompasses a wide scope of reactor models that touch both liquid and solid reactor-cooling designs.

The main goal of NETC 2020 is to share knowledge and getting ideas from expertise that can help us to provide a healthy life for everyone and to fight with emergency situations.

Global Business & Research Value: Nuclear Energy initiatives target the health of people and populations in emerging and dynamic environments globally. Nuclear Energy is a fast-growing subspecialty worldwide. Nuclear Energy supports two basic fields: nuclear research and energy services research. So many countries are already awake to the specialty of nuclear energy and supply special coaching programs to introduce a cadre of energy professionals with the data and skills to worry for the emerging energy-related issues.

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